Superior Expertise


Dr Pranav Agrawal is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who super specialises in adult joint reconstruction surgery. Joint reconstruction surgery includes total & partial joint replacements, arthroscopic ligament repairs & reconstructions, cartilage surgeries etc.

He has more than a decade of successful surgical experience in treatment of a wide range of orthopaedic disorders and conditions ranging from fractures & accidents, sports injuries & rehabilitation to age related degenerative disorders including osteoporosis & arthritis.

Dr Agrawal treats and cares for patients across various ages, from infants to nonagenarians and across various countries from India, Middle East, United States of America, to Africa's and more.

Dr Pranav Agrawal is a fellowship trained specialist in computer & robot assisted knee surgery and minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques, but values more than anything, the power & importance of human care, personal touch and empathy.

Dr Pranav Agrawal
Experience & Research

Research & Academics

  • Medicine and Surgery are fields of constant learning, implementation and research.
  • Dr Pranav Agrawal has more than 5 publications in various fields of orthopaedic surgery in reputed national and international journals.
  • He dedicates much time and effort with equal passion in research and publication as in surgery.
  • As Section editor (Orthopaedic Surgery) - The Indian Practitioner, he helps review, collate, edit and publish various research articles, so that many doctors may learn from others experience and research.

Formal Education

  • DNB (Orthopaedic Surgery) - National Board of Examinations - Mumbai (India)
  • Fellowship (Knee Surgery) - National University Hospital - South Korea
  • Fellowship (Computer & Robotic Surgery) - National University Hospital - South Korea
  • Fellowship (Hip Surgery) - National University Hospital – South Korea
  • Fellowship (Knee Surgery) - Arthritis Clinic (Dr Arun Mullaji) – Breach Candy Hospital – Mumbai
  • Prof. EK Song (Center for joint disease, S. Korea) and Dr Arun Mullaji (Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai) are not just respected world leaders in field of knee surgery and related research but are a source of inspiration and an ocean of knowledge and experience for their students.
  • Someone once said, "A good teacher does, many an expert make".
Dr Pranav Agrawal

Hospitals & Facilities

  • Dr Pranav Agrawal and his team of specialists consult and perform surgeries at multiple well-equipt hospitals in the western suburbs of Mumbai.
  • All hospitals are capable of providing 'state of the art' care in orthopaedic surgery with similar dedicated teams of medical and paramedical staff under direction of Dr Pranav Agrawal at all facilties.
  • Easy access to insurance facilities & cashless schemes are also available at most hospitals.
  • Lilavati Hospital & Research Center, Arogyanidhi Hospital, Criticare Hospital, KLS Memorial Hospital and Namaha Hospital in Mumbai (India) are facilities where surgeries are performed routinely, but Dr Pranav Agrawal also operates as guest surgeon at hospitals in other states on special request.
  • Many specialists who are experts in other special areas of orthopaedic surgery, are part of our team and they confer and collaborate for such needs, as an when necessary, under direction of Dr Pranav Agrawal.

Modern Technological Advances


Dr Pranav Agrawal is fellowship trained in South Korea and proficient in the use of a navigation device (computer) in knee replacement surgery. Consistent use of a navigation device almost totally eliminates chances of human error and leads to high success of surgery.


He is trained in robotic surgery as well and has researched extensively in making the robot more surgeon dependent and less automated.


Use of pencil thin arthroscopes, high resolution cameras and video output in arthroscopic surgery helps perform major ligament surgeries through keyholes and confirms good surgical results and faster recovery or return to sports.

Dr Pranav Agrawal
Dr Pranav Agrawal

Out patients / Clinic

Dr Pranav Agrawal consults routinely at Praxis MedAssist Clinic in Vile Parle and treats general orthopaedic conditions, pre-operative patients and post-operative patients in detail.

He also keeps regular consulting hours at Lilavati and Arogyanidhi Hospitals where small out-patient procedures are performed.

Towards Society

Prevention is legendarily better than cure.


Dr Pranav Agrawal is a dedicated Rotarian. He has previously been ‘Director of medical projects – Rotary club of Mumbai Coastline’ and continues to advise and partake in medical field initiatives of his club.

Consulting & Camps:

He offers his full range of expertise and time to the economically weaker sections of society through diagnostic and therapeutic camps, free surgeries and consulting at miniscule amounts through various trust run hospitals.

He is also a founder and facilitator of other social and preventive initiatives in the health sector. He works relentlessly towards community identification, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis which is a preventable disease. This further prevents occurance of major fractures and morbidity in the elder section of society.

Guiding Philosophy & Principles

'Arogyam Sarvadravye Sarvadaa'
Health in all its form, ever and always..

Each patient has a unique condition and is entitled to nothing but the best in personal attention, counselling, state of the art surgery, benefits of technological advancements, meticulous rehabilitation and speediest recovery. All this while ensuring that the patient is not ‘just another case’.

Our decisions for every patient are guided by the firm belief that Surgery / Intervention should never be an end in itself. It is only a means to a superior goal. That goal being better quality of life, as close as possible to what it was in the recent past or much better and that too at the earliest (on the fast track).