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Experience of  how Art and Science meet on a surgeons operating table. On my regular walk, the inevitable had happened.  A slight trip, I lost balance & in a flash, my right wrist took the shape of an inverted fork . AN ORTHOPEDIC EMERGENCY!! ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON!!! LUCKY for me DR. PRANAV AGRAWAL, ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON CAME AS A SAVIOUR. One look at my wrist & an instant x ray confirmed the diagnosis. A pain relief injection, and a instant plaster followed.

All preliminaries were done by DR. PRANAV AGRAWAL - a young, smart, sprightly clean laundry washed, Orthopedic surgeon with no nonsense attitude!!!! Highly recommended for his orthopedic  JOINT RECONSTRUCTION SKILL Dr Agrawal enrolled me by his kind gentle reassuring detailed information ( I'm a hard core skeptic). He made me trust him with my surgery, which I was then certain, was essential for successful recovery. Surgery was decided to be done under regional anesthesia which was sleepless terrifying option for me. I bravely faced the bright operating table lights, with nurses fluttering around me ,my left hand  strapped horizontal to a board, (CHRIST!! What a feeling!!)

While fear churned my stomach, I Heard A gentle voice "I am your Anesthetist, you are in good experienced hands, so just relax". He explained the procedure & just then, I heard the familiar, voice of DR Agarwal "I am Here", he  gently supported my right elbow in in steady position while the Anesthetist did his magic.

To my amazement my fear vanished. I witnessed the beautiful synchronicity between the Surgeon & Anesthetist's to & fro work while they injected locally and waited for effects to materialise.

Dr Pranav Agrawal allowed so much time patiently while my arm went slowly numb and I couldn’t feel a thing.

I Remember  my conversation with the team, about some form of acupuncture but that was the last that I heard and did not know when I went  off to sleep , to wake up  in  my  bed in the hospital room. My gratefulness to providence, to have brought me to Dr Pranav Agrawal & his team of Anesthetist's & assistants.   May , Many  a patient have the good luck to be treated by DR AGRAWAL and his team.

Today, my wrist is functioning to be able to type this letter of appreciation  to Dr Agrawal & his team for restoring my wrist of my aged joint.

Blessings to them all for their dedicated service for my recovery, to be celebrating Diwali. PS: To add is a word of  gratitude that the scar of surgery is hardly visible. Gratitude for skill of a Plastic Surgeon added to his skill as an Orthopedic surgeon. God bless his team and many patients receive this benefit of their expertise.



Indira Bhende 1940

Dr. Pranav,

I wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for achieving a remarkable milestone by performing robotic knee surgery and relieving your patient from pain. Your dedication to your work and your patients is truly commendable, and I am sure that your patient is grateful for the excellent care and attention they received under your skilled hands.

It takes a special kind of talent and expertise to perform robotic knee surgery, and you have clearly demonstrated that you have both in abundance. Your ability to utilize cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible outcomes for your patients is truly remarkable.

Thank you for your commitment to your patients and for your unwavering pursuit of excellence in your field. Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration to us all. Once again, congratulations on your milestone achievement and thank you for your service to the medical profession.

Best regards,

Vivek Chinoy Rotary - Coastline

Dear Dr.

We entire SHAH family thank you so much from bottom of our hearts to your successful operation on Nipa ben, ONLY because of that we can joyfully celebrate Diwali as a family. Your expertise has brought light and happiness to our lives. Grateful for your skillful care and wishing you a Diwali filled with joy.

Nipa Ben Shah

I underwent robotic knee surgery in June 2023 at Lilavati hospital. I was treated by and operated upon by Dr Pranav Agrawal and his team. Dr Pranav is a thorough professional and made me feel comfortable pre surgery, post surgery and during the actual process itself. As a patient , I am extremely impressed with his skill, knowledge and meticulous behaviour towards the robotic technology for TKR. He is available for his patients 24/7 and takes personal care and interest for every patient. Dr Pranav and his team take enough time to explain all aspects of your care and also devote time to listen to your questions and concerns. I would highly recommend the Robotic TKR at Lilavati hospital under Dr Pranav Agrawal.

Tushar Bhai Dumaswala

In December 2015, my septuagenarian diabetic mother, slipped down a stairway and fractured her ankle. By referral of a common friend I visited Dr Pranav Agrawal.

Needless to say the diagnosis was spot on and the Surgery thereafter flawless. It's been three years now and there are no signs or even hints of discomfort in my Mom's ankle.

Best decision taken.

Wasim Desai

To write a testimonial about Dr Pranav Agrawal would be doing a disservice to all those reading this, as I have known the good doctor since before he was a doctor - from when he was just a good friend. Pranav is my childhood best mate and remains an integral part of my extended family.

In school, Pranav and I made a pact. When we grew up, I would break bones and he would fix them. Together, we thought we would own the ultimate racket - control of the demand and supply. Like most other promises, he kept his end up. Time for me to get crackin’.. While some may feel my friendship would skew this testimonial, I believe, it allows me to offer you an insight that is beyond just the white coat that most people will see and write about.

I know the man who wears that coat.

Since as long as I remember, Pranav has been a compassionate, kind, generous, meticulous, determined, dogged individual with a moral compass that I have never seen stray. Led by unerring discretion in favour of ethics, and a defence to principle in matters personal and professional, I have seen him take on challenges, struggles, and the seemingly impossible with quiet confidence, and a steely resolve to see through with what he has started.

People, I have observed, don’t change as they grow older. They just become more of who they were meant to be. And I see Pranav becoming more of all this as Dr. Pranav.

And it is for the better, I say. After all, I would want my doctor to be more than just the medicine he practices.. wouldn't you?

Akul Tripathi

Dear Dr Pranav Agrawal
(Consulting Orthopaedic and Joint Reconstruction Surgeon)

This is in regards to the surgery that Dr Pranav Agrawal did for my mother Mrs. Anita Shyam Hingorani.

Here is a small note of thanks to him.

After consulting with Dr Agrawal's advice on the Total Knee Replacement surgery for my mother, we were fully confident and we were ready for the surgery under his guidance. My mother was suffering knee pain since last 1 year, Along with other complications such as Thyroid & most importantly Parkinson’s Disease.

On 26th July 2018 Dr Pranav Agrawal operated my mother for her Total knee replacement (TKR) for her right knee . The way the surgery has taken place under Dr Agrawal's observation & the way he has done the surgery was so smooth that it enabled my mother to walk on her right leg within 7 days despite severe Parkinson’s disease.

I have to place on record my appreciation for Dr Agrawal. His dedication & encouragement helped my mother improve her mobility with quick recovery that has enabled her to return to her daily chores. I shall definitely refer my family and friends to you Dr Agrawal. My mother and me are grateful to you for great treatment you gave her pre and post surgery.

I cannot miss to thank you for the ultimate support & guidance you gave me for mothers surgery which couldn't have been possible by myself.

Kuddos to Dr Agrawal

More power to you Sir!

Anita Hingorani

Dear Dr Pranav Agrawal, from the bottom of my heart I thank you and your team to treat my wife Ms Kumud S Mehta. She suffered a fracture neck femur left lower extremity on 8th April very early morning. She had a sudden fall from the bed while getting up. We had to rush to Lilavati hospital in emergency in this COVID 19 pandemic in complete lockdown period. We reached there around 5:30 am - you and your assistant came in emergency and helped us to get her admitted - all investigation done by afternoon and you took her up for an emergency surgery.

What an tremendous job you did ! Very precise and particular surgery you did, within 24 hours she started improving with physiotherapy and unbelievably we were back home in no time.

Now she's walking absolutely normally on her own without the help of a walker or a stick and started household work too gradually at her 76 years of age. Inspite of having Osteoporotic bones you did wonders. You are such a wonderful Orthopedic surgeon that I have come across in my 51 years of practice as a family physician, and you're a great human being too.

My patients are regularly treated in this hospital since its inceptions and now this is personal experience.

God bless you - you have a very bright future.

Dr Shashikant Mehta

- (M.B.B.S)

Dear Dr. Pranav Agrawal,
I sincerely thank you and your entire team for treating me. I was in an unbearable pain and mentally down and I thought I will never get up on my feet, but you did wonder on me by doing emergency surgery on me on the same day and now after 7 weeks I’m walking very freely on my own without the help of walker and stick and started doing some household work too. You are a god sent gift who made it possible. I sincerely thank you and your entire team.

God bless you and thank you once again.

Kumud Shashikant Mehta

Dear Dr Pranav Agrawal,
It was indeed a great pleasure to consult you for pain in my hands. It's a pride for our institution that our student has become a successful Orthopaedic Surgeon. You have taken good care of my problems & guided me so well. Thank you very much.

I wish you all the success in your work as an Orthopedic Surgeon. My blessings always be with you.

Dr Krushna Gandhi

Principal - Ritambhara College

I had a lump on my right thigh bone above my knee which gave me trouble while running & playing sports. Sport is a very important part of my life Dr. Pranav Agrawal surgically removed the beginning tumour & thanks to the skill of Dr. Pranav Agrawal and his team, today, my right leg has almost healed and I am on the road to recovery.

Right from the first consultation till post-operation consults, Dr. Pranav constantly monitored my progress and addressed my concerns professionally. The operation went off successfully and within 2 days I was discharged from the hospital & was back home.

I'm eager to get back to sporting and running as soon as the lockdown eases.

David Matthews


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